Employee Engagement Platform

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

– Stephen R. Covey

Our Focus

Be your trusted partner to your employee wellbeing culture in the creation of more engaged, healthier working environments.

Engage, nurture and retain talent

We solve the key challenges that businesses face by increasing loyalty, promoting health, improving engagement, enhancing skills and delivering happiness.

We provide a one-stop shop for your employee engagement tools powered by Wrkit®. Easy, remote access. 24/7 online accessibility supports remote, mobile and stationary workforces globally.

See the bigger picture with insightful data

Gain an insight into your company activity through our unique Engagement Dashboard. Data and insights are key to drive informed business decisions. Our intuitive analytics interface displays your teams’ engagement across the modules, highlighting the most frequented areas. Here you can set registration targets, monitor engagement and determine your optimal strategy to enhance company culture.

Five powerful modules. One platform.

Employee Engagement Platform


The World Health Organization estimates that by 2021 occupational stress will be the leading cause of absenteeism and presenteeism at work.

POWR up your workforce

Empower your employees to proactively manage their wellbeing. POWR is a wellbeing and lifestyle tool that’s convenient and fun to use.

Personalised wellbeing plans are assigned based on six key areas. Users are encouraged to check back regularly for new POWR plans, fun daily challenges, interesting articles and more. The Move module provides a huge selection of always on video led sessions from yoga to deskercises.

Data Insights

Real time, anonymised data allows managers to monitor company-wide progress, keeping employees performing at their best.


Surveying employees about their impressions of their employer is the best indicator of the overall culture in a company.

Measure, understand and improve your employee satisfaction. Surveys allow people to voice praise and concerns anonymously, which can help you keep in touch with the ‘mood’ of your workforce. The platform provides additional tools to address challenges highlighted by survey results.

Pulse and Custom Surveys

Choose from Fixed question surveys used to check the mood of a business on a regular basis. Results include eNPS, a key indicator of employee satisfaction.

Or shape your own survey on topics relevant to you. Choose from our bank of industry validated questions or write your own.

Pulse and Custom Surveys


97% of employees want to be recognised and rewarded for a wide range of contributions.

Complement your ‘thank you’ culture with digital recognition. Reinforce your company values and show your workforce that they are valued.

  • Give and receive kudos for a job well done.
  • Spread the word with a company news feed.
  • Monitor stats with powerful analytics.


74% of people say they are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain in order to remain employable in the future. Enable your workforce to continuously learn with online courses for less.

Learn Plus

High quality online education from some of the world’s leading learning institutions.

Easy Upskill

Online skill development courses including finance, technology, psychology, marketing, wellbeing and nutrition.

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Maximise spending power

Lifestyle Savings

4 out of 5 employees want benefits or perks more than a pay raise.

Maximise spending power with savings on everyday living and luxury brands

Maximise spending power

Offer an exclusive company branded savings platform, with savings from top brands. Popular categories include; travel, fashion, entertainment, insurance, food and technology. Save with vouchers, cashback, e-codes, shopping cards and more.

And there’s more…

There is more to the portal than our modules. For a holistic user experience we have added a little bit extra…..

HR Host

Make all your relevant company documents and links available in one central location on the Wrkit® platform. Avail of simple pre-set templates. Choose your own name for this tile for a truly personalised experience.

The Lowdown

Engage users with the latest in lifestyle tips with articles, blogs and videos easily accessible from your Wrkit® portal. All content is carefully curated and produced by a team of psychologists, lifestyle experts and our Wrkit® team.

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company culture support

Ongoing support

An active ongoing partnership with our team is an essential component of impacting your company culture.


Ensure that all of your workforce can easily connect whether at their desk or on the go.


Spread the news through planned launches, regular email updates, posters and in house events.


We commit to regular check-ins to support all your endeavours. Avail of comprehensive training for your wellbeing team and advocates. We also offer additional services including expert workshops, and on-site visits.

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Employee Engagement Platform

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Want to have a closer look? Complete the form and we’ll send you a link to access a demo.