Organisational Change Management Service

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin

Our focus

Be your trusted partner for end-to-end change management across your portfolios, programs or projects.

We specialise in…

  • Culture Transformation
  • Financial, Procurement and Data Analytics Systems Transformation
  • Organisational restructure and re-design
  • Digital Transformation

We enable your leaders to walk the walk with change leadership, develop high-level change capability and understand the value of great sponsorship for optimal project delivery.

We take care of the end to end change process to enable your stakeholders and end-users to embrace change and ensure it is sustained long after the initiative ends.

What do we do?

Our Change Consulting Service includes but not limited to:

  • Current State Diagnostic and Future State Operating Models, Strategy and Design.
  • Business Case Development.
  • Organisational Change Strategy, Planning, Governance and Framework.
  • Change Leadership training to guide and build resilience for teams through rapid change.

Our Change Management Service includes but not limited to:

  • Best practice end-to-end change management to deliver and sustain exceptional organisational change the first time with our proven change management toolkits for Agile or Waterfall methodologies.
  • Digital training solutions for end users to guarantee your initiative’s success.
  • Change management training to future proof your organisation’s change capability.

When Organisational change is done right, your business can:

  • Drive more efficient change prioritisation and successful results for greater benefits realisation.
  • Deliver better management of change sequencing and volume for more sustainable results.
  • Create consistency, standardisation and efficiencies in your change approach.
  • Build internal change capabilities which are an essential organisation capability and individual competency for employees.
  • Align your organisational change practice with your organisational values.

Who is this service for?

  • C-Suite Executives, Business Owners and Mid-Level Managers who seek to take their organisations to the next level of change maturity and deliver change right the first time.

Ready to GO Next Level?


“Gail was a change manager in the critical project that we worked on together. Her pragmatic approach enabled up to minimise change impacts of the transition and allowed us to successfully deliver a solution within very tight deadlines.”

Haseef Ahmed, Principal Consultant, Bloom Consulting

“Gail is one of the best change managers I’ve worked with: very thorough with her planning, taking the time to understand all the communication channels to roll out changes and ensuring she focuses equally on the initial roll out and embedding. Gail is also proactive in ensuring all streams of change have adequate support, and is willing to pitch in where required to guarantee the overall project is delivered to a high standard.”

Fiona Holt, Product Owner, ANZ Bank

“Gail is a passionate and engaging Strategic/Organizational Change Manager. Gail will drive the team to focus on the organizational change outcomes. Gail will coach and lead the team to understand and own the need for the change and identify what needs to be addressed across the scope of the change.

Gail’s “superpower” is being able to engage as the Change Coach across all levels of the organization, she is able to modify the conversation to the appropriate level and have the participant to believe in the outcomes. Gail brings more than a just the “change agenda”, Gail brings strong business analytics skills, incredible communication and stakeholder engagement skills and a drive/knack for addressing the diverse cultural challenges within a strategic change to ensure a programs overall success.”

Fiona Barnes, Project Director, ANZ Bank