Our Team

Gail Owen

Founder and Director

Principal Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

When you work with me, you get over 25 years of local and international experience across organisational change, people development, projects and finance up your sleeve.

I launched my career in two of the Big 4 accounting firms and later moved into large, complex telco and finance institutions. It wasn’t long before I found myself naturally gravitating to improving and automating processes. I always got a kick out of streamlining and uplifting productivity – this led to my realisation (many years ago) that organisations’ most significant ROI is the people factor and the impact of its culture on employees’ wellbeing and productivity. From this realisation I have dedicated my life’s work to humanising the workplace.

I am a life-long learner of positive psychology and neuroscience, and I bring a unique perspective to the organisation and people transformation. My extensive understanding of human behaviour plays a pivotal role in my facilitation and coaching style. I leverage unique skills to empower people to think beyond their boundaries and breakthrough their next success levels.

Bruce Philips

Principal Consultant

I am a leader and problem solver with over 30 years experience locally and internationally across finance, risk and operations. Leveraging off my external and internal audit background, I have further developed my career within a large complex financial institution in leadership and project management roles.

Any organisational change brings an element of risk and impacts to systems and processes. I strive to deliver an experience that ensures all change impacts are identified and managed to minimise risk for your organisation.

I specialise in continuous improvement, change and transformations that:  

  • Meet customer needs;
  • Are realistic in their scope and achievability; and
  • Result in a well controlled, sustainable and efficient operating environment.

Mark Ilicak

Facilitator and Coach

Over 25 years of leading successful sales teams and relationship management has helped me develop extensive team-building experience for high performing teams.

I have dedicated my work to focus on empowering teams to overcome challenges, improve well-being and create sustainable, positive habits.

I have extensive experience in the practical application of neuroscience. I am a specialist in identifying and overcoming blocks and limitations, building peak performance mindset ad developing personal resilience.

I strive to bring a unique perspective in understanding human behaviour and mental wellbeing in the workplace. I provide a user manual for the mind to tap into your powerhouse for overcoming your obstacles.