Leader Wellbeing Program

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Our focus

Be your trusted partner to your leaders’ wellbeing.

Leader Wellbeing in the 21st century

To be successful now and in the future, leaders will need to demonstrate wellbeing as a core capability in addition to be well-versed in strategy, planning, culture, people, and project management. The best of the best will understand, model and uphold positive wellbeing practices in the workplace.

Leaders with a highly developed wellbeing capability cast a more substantial shadow on improving employees’ perceptions, emotions, attitudes and motivation. Put simply; they’re better at engaging their teams because they role-model, sponsor and promote meaningful wellbeing initiatives.

Make your leaders’ wellbeing a priority

Research shows the most successful workplace wellness programs address an individual’s specific wellbeing drivers that go beyond yoga, gyms and medicals.

75% of wellbeing programs don’t deliver because they fail to diagnose the factors that have the biggest impact on wellbeing and/or they don’t implement a targeted, meaningful intervention (2016, Global Wellness Institute).

When an organisation strategically places personal and workplace wellbeing front and centre, productivity lifts by up to 30%, engagement increases by over 40% and creativity and innovation increase by 50%. Plus, burnout reduces by 125% and organisations are 4 x less likely to lose key talent.

Motivate your people to reach and feel their best – at work and at home.

What do we do?

Our unique holistic leadership wellbeing tool uses rigorous, evidence based research to deliver deeper insights into what shapes senior leaders’ ability to perform at their best. It goes further than other wellbeing surveys by looking at the whole picture of working well and living well hand in hand.

By focusing on the whole person we tackle the ‘silent’ derailers affecting performance in today’s fast-paced, ambiguous and complex times.

We design and execute leadership wellbeing support plans to achieve a more engaged, productive, sustainable, and inspiring career and lifestyle approach.

Our program supports leaders against the stress and strain of continuous change and guard against physical burn out.

We equip your leaders with the ability to manage their wellbeing and create a more engaged, productive and sustainable wellbeing culture.

Who is this program for?

  • C-Suite Executives, Business Owners and Mid-Level Managers who understand the importance of their own well-being and seek work/life balance.

Our Leader Wellbeing Program goes hand in hand with our New World Leadership™ Program as understanding and enacting wellbeing is a core capability for leaders of the future.

Ready to GO Next Level?


“Using the GLWS framework, Gail was able to really quickly get a detailed understanding of what was happening across both work and home life.  As well as highlighting aspects which were going well, she was able to get to problem areas really quickly and focus on the areas that would have the biggest impact.  The work we did was a great reminder of some of the areas that I had lost focus on or pushed to the bottom of the priority list and how important these areas are.  We were able to come up with some clear and simple strategies to start working on improving these straight away and strategies to make sure these are maintained going forward.  I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking to get more clarity on and improving their wellbeing”

Paula Tucker, CEO, Spark CFO

“Gail was engaging, passionate and committed to help achieve my goals and instrumental in helping me identify a major block. Gail made me feel safe, comfortable and understood. She showed empathy, compassion and was good at reflecting back. I felt like I had an ally on my journey and that she understood where I was at and where I had been there too.  It was the breakthrough I had been looking for for many years. Gail was able to adjust each week to where I was at. She has a range of tools to share and gave support when it was needed. I feel she really helped me move forward to address a barrier I had been struggling with”

Emma O’Neil, Melbourne