Team Evolution Program

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Our focus

Be your trusted partner to evolve your teams to their optimum level of performance and wellbeing.

Teams gain a competitive advantage when they have high agility to move quickly and easily together in response to a change or challenge.

  • Do you have teams who compete instead of collaborate?
  • Do your teams lack focus with too many conflicting priorities?
  • Is there tension, conflict or challenging interpersonal dynamics within your teams?
  • Are your team members not contributing in the best way possible or even according to their job descriptions?
  • Are your teams using uncertainty as an excuse for inaction?
  • Are your teams experiencing high levels of burnout, absenteeism, turnover, low engagement or stress leave?

To excel in today’s complex and rapidly changing environment, senior management groups must function as effective leadership teams.

You need highly agile teams to achieve enhanced group problem-solving, decision-making, team learning and creative thinking. To achieve this there must be a deep understanding of each other’s behavioural and emotional responses along with effective communication, trust and collaboration.

You’ve tried facilitating a different kind of team conversation.

You’ve tried sending your people on a workshop or two, but none of this training seems to stick.

You want a high-performing team where they have healthy open debates about ideas, build trust, great communication, high engagement and ready for increased responsibility.

What do we do?

As individuals have unique styles, groups also tend to have their own styles or cultures. This culture is an informal combination of behaviours, values, and attitudes . Our program helps teams understand and address many important priorities, needs, goals, fears, emotions, behaviours and wellbeing within their team culture.

 Our Team Evolution program is tailored to the specific needs of the client organisation. We uncover precision insights to identify and evolve team building for values, behaviours, emotions, strengths, and areas for growth.

We help create psychologically safe team cultures that integrate trust, respect, feeling valued, acknowledgement and acceptance.

Depending on a team’s development needs, this work can take various forms, ranging from one off-site meeting to a series of team-building events in-person or remote.

The benefits and outcomes:

  • Team culture uplift by developing a deep understanding of individual members behavioural styles, values and emotions.
  • Work more effectively with each other, build trust, integrity and eliminate conflict through enhanced communication and collaboration.
  • Build a fulfilling and productive workplace and where people find greater satisfaction, meaning, and connection in their work to enhance their wellbeing.
  • A thriving team culture where people love to work.

Who is this program for?

Leaders and their Teams who desire a great team culture and deeper understanding of each other to support  greater collaboration, communication, productivity and wellbeing.

Ready to GO Next Level?


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching session in learning about myself and tailoring my natural style to suit the way I support my team and stakeholders. Gail has this wonderful way of bringing the team together and injecting some fun into the coaching and team building workshop. Thank you”

Agnes Wong, PMO lead, ANZ Bank

“When you get coaching with Gail, you are not getting the same old textbook party lines. She is a successful change professional and a well loved culture leader.  Getting a DISC profile session with her is like getting a free life coaching too. The DISC team workshop is a brilliant way of understanding and relating to my colleagues and has helped our team bring the best out in each other. Gail has a unique way of bringing some fun and humour into the session too”

Amy Leung, Product Owner, ANZ Bank